Getting the most from your Monster Cutters™

Weed Thrasher™'s Monster Cutters are much easier than using traditional spool line. We know that you will enjoy the ease of use and that you will be glad to get rid of the frustration of using the spool line.

The following list of tips will help you get the most from your Monster Cutters.

1. Many landscapers keep their Monster Cutters durable and flexible by keeping them stored in water. We suggest that you keep them immersed in water in a bucket or jar with a lid. (Don't let them freeze in winter months.)

2. Rotate your inventory of Monster Cutters. As with any plastic item, the Monster Cutters can become brittle with age. When you buy new Monster Cutters, make sure that you use up your old ones first.

3. Winter temperatures and low humidity can be hard on the Monster Cutters. If possible, store your Monster Cutters inside or in your basement away from freezing temperatures over the winter.

4. Store your Monster Cutters in a cool, dark place. Leaving your Monster Cutters in direct sunlight can cause the plastic to break down and become more susceptible to cracking and splitting.

5. Know your weed trimmer. It may be necessary to trim your Monster Cutters to a shorter length in order to clear the debris shield of your weed trimmer. If the Monster Cutters hit this shield while cutting, they may break off.

6. Avoid obstacles while cutting. While the Monster Cutters are more durable than line, they are no match for a rock, tree, or fence. It may take some practice, but using the right angle and distance when using the Weed Thrasher is worth the initial effort.


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