Loading Monster Cutters™

Install the cutters by holding the ball end in your hand and sliding the small end down the rectangular keyhole. Keep the cutter between the Weed Thrasher plates. Pull cutter through rectangular hole until the ball end snaps in place and pivots in the circular hole. You can load the cutters from either the top or bottom of the Weed Thrasher.

DO NOT insert cutters directly through circular hole, as shown in the left image.
DO NOT install cutters through the side of the Weed Thrasher head, as shown in the right image.

Removing Monster Cutters™

To replace your Monster Cutters, push the ball end up or down out of the loading slot by using another Monster Cutter. Pull out the used Monster Cutter and replace.

NOTE: A small screwdriver or similar flat edge tool may also be used to remove the Monster Cutter from the bottom of the Weed Thrasher head. Don't force it! Don't bend the head unit.


Always follow your trimmer manufacturer's safety and operating recommendations on how to use and operate your specific lawn trimmer.
Always operate your Weed Thrasher trimmer head with two Monster Cutters. Never just one.
Always use eye protection and safety equipment when trimming.
Always make sure that your trimmer is switched off and the Weed Thrasher is no longer in motion before changing the Monster Cutters.

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